The Literary Angels love the written word.

Literary Angels has been guiding authors through the publishing process, since December 2007. We offer consultations for every nuance of book creation, right from editing the content for language and pace, sourcing illustrations and photographs to create a visual impact, laying out the text and images, determining the size of the book, recommending publishers, and consulting them on the publisher’s contract.

Over the last two years, Literary Angels has expanded its scope to reach beyond the authors, it now also guides libraries and bookstores enabling them to increase readership and sales, respectively.

The love for books, knowledge of the technical and aesthetic principles of publishing, and the desire to create better books, encouraged Literary Angels to venture into bespoke publishing for select clients.


Ahalya Naidu Momaya
Co-founder & Creative Head

Digging up word histories; finding the best books on a particular theme; understanding bookmaking and typography as an art; as well as bookstore and library ergonomics — Ahalya Naidu Momaya is a professional bibliophage.

Her love for literature, etymology, grammar, and semantics has driven her from being a student of english literature, to her training as a journalist and editor, and then training to be a publisher.

It is her endeavour to add a touch of literature to everyday lives. Critiquing and editing manuscripts, offering creative writing workshops to children, reviewing books, drawing up a list of books for corporate and personal libraries, revamping bookstore designs and promoting a culture of reading — Ahalya prefers being surrounded by books at all times.

She is a former journalist, writer, and editor. Her articles and features have appeared in Indian newspapers, magazines, and websites. Ahalya’s understanding of reading trends, knowledge of each aspect of bookmaking, and obsession with the nuances of language are her strengths as the creative head of Literary Angels.


Meethil Momaya
Co-founder & Business Head

Meethil Momaya is a professional fine art photographer. As a habit, he seeks meanings in compositions — be it picture or prose. He believes that to be timeless, pictures should evoke an emotion and prose should evoke a picture.

Drawing on his experience with creating images, Meethil employs the finer nuances of balance in composition, presentation of content, and style and design to explore new possibilities with books.

Identifying the cracked spines in bookstores and missing bookmarks in libraries, he can be consulted to provide actionable strategies to immediately and effectively increase readership and sales. He strongly believes that the readers must be made aware of the best books, both literary and visual, available to them.

To safeguard the interests of the client, he evaluates the potential of each project based on market trends and the requirements of the client, when guiding them on the best strategies they could employ to create a book.

He is the go-to person in Literary Angels for all matters technological in the publishing domain and brings to the team, the understanding of books and their readers. Trained as a publisher, his knowledge of publishing and his obsession with quality defines his role as the business head of Literary Angels.