Book Alert: Dancers Among Us

by Ahalya on October 30, 2012

I do not usually like reading coffee table books over and over again, the magic usually fades after the third journey through the book. But this one… I would love to frame pages from this book all over my office.

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Getting children to read

by Ahalya on September 30, 2012

Matilda is the exception that proves the rule. Very few children actually seek out books without any encouragement from their family, and continue reading despite vociferous attacks on the reader and the books.

Matilda is the exception.

Children need a reader in the family, or immediate neighbourhood. But family works best. In a few minutes I will be going to the MCubed Library in Bandra for the inauguration of their section for adults. I’ve been teaching creative writing there to the kids and think they have the best library in the city for children. I’ve watched parents (mostly mums) troop in with their kids and kids’ friends and get books for them all. But now, the parent and the kid gets books. I like that. It says a lot about the family. It says that we do not just go out and have fun, we don’t need to watch TV to spend some time together. It says that we are learning together.


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Not a quick read

When I first met the man who is now my husband, he was so impressed by the speed with which I devoured books that he thought he would impress me by taking me shopping for books. We came back home in a cab, with four cartons of books, a huge grin firmly fixed on my […]

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The next voice you hear

Could be mine! Erica D’Souza, the very wise RJ on the Drive Mumbai show on Radio One, allows me to air my views once in a while, about all things literary! (And she has very interesting people on air on most days, you can find updates here. Cool huh 🙂 Well, so this evening we talked […]

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My Summer Reading List (For the Kiddies)

The good news: There are more absolutely wonderful books waiting to be read than you have the time for! The bad news: There are more absolutely wonderful books waiting to be read than you have the time (or pocket money) for. I blame it on the summer. Longer evenings. Restless humid afternoons. Too-hot-to-go-out-or-do-anything weekends. And […]

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Book Review: Audubon’s Elephant by Duff Hart-Davis

If I had seen Audubon’s Elephant on the shelf of a bookstore I would have instantly grabbed it (and not put it back). But it wasn’t I who found it in the store, it was my wife. And I am glad she bought it. Any naturalist worth his binoculars knows that the French-American ornithologist, naturalist, […]

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Book Review: Death comes to Pemberley by P.D. James

In Death comes to Pemberley, P.D. James adopts Jane Austen’s immortal lovers Elizabeth and Darcy and fashions a gruesome crime in their Victorian world of manners. Not only does James adopt the characters (and others we have met in Pride and Prejudice), she also adopts the convoluted language of the time, the history, and all […]

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Book Review – Dream’s Sake

My very first thought on reading the first page of Dream’s Sake was, ‘Finally an author I can recommend to those who ask me which Indian author they should read.’ There is a serious, not funny at all, dearth of books written in English by Indians who have a firm, well-tuned grasp over the language. […]

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They fight, they eat chocolate, they write

Each time I start preparing for a creative writing workshop for children, I pray nobody has heard the story of the Library Lion. It’s my star story, and I love it as much as the kids who just lose themselves in the story the first time they hear it. The first time I started telling […]

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The E-reader and I

I hate, absolutely hate, to admit it, but my currently-gloating husband was right after all. It isn’t too difficult to get used to reading books on a dedicated e-book reader, such as the Kindle. It’s really easy on the eyes (the screen is not like your mobile phone screen, so it does not mirror light back […]

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