A tale of two readers

by Ahalya on October 10, 2009

One hand in the purse and plenty of misgivings


Rekindle reading with the Kindle


I am not a gadget person. I only use what I need and do not keep in touch with the latest gizmos and their innumerable updates.

Except when it comes to e-readers. So, I bit my lip and read the article announcing the impending launch of the Kindle in India on Oct 18. Damn, just when I was saving my money for my retirement home. So the new e-reader brought out by Mama Amazon is already a bad boy in the e-reader market. With the considerable clout that Mama Amazon wields, the Kindle is not levelling the playground, it purchased it lock, stock and barrel and turned it upside down and makes all the rules. So, personally, since I don’t like bullies, I would settle for the underdog Sony Reader, the Iliad, or somesuch, but they seem to be taking an awful lot of time deciding what they want to do or if they want to do it in my corner of the world. Meethil has all the need-to-know information covered up tight, so I am not going there. [READ MORE…]

Since it kindled in 2007, Amazon’s Kindle has been on my mind; primarily for two reasons. First, its usefulness to voracious readers and second, its potential to influence the publishing industry.

The Kindle is designed for voracious readers. If you are not reading at least one book a week, you cannot possibly understand the importance of a Kindle. And, if you are not spending money buying books, you cannot digest the initial investment of Rs. 18,600 (cost of Kindle plus import duty), that the Kindle requires.

Having said that, lets how it benefits the avid reader.

The Kindle is pencil thin and weighs 300g, but it stores up to 1,500 books. Ensuring you never run out of a read at the wrong time. It makes it a great travel companion, be it short trips or long, you may be on the first page of the book or the last chapter… [READ MORE…]

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