Getting children to read

by Ahalya on September 30, 2012

Matilda is the exception that proves the rule. Very few children actually seek out books without any encouragement from their family, and continue reading despite vociferous attacks on the reader and the books.

Matilda is the exception.

Children need a reader in the family, or immediate neighbourhood. But family works best. In a few minutes I will be going to the MCubed Library in Bandra for the inauguration of their section for adults. I’ve been teaching creative writing there to the kids and think they have the best library in the city for children. I’ve watched parents (mostly mums) troop in with their kids and kids’ friends and get books for them all. But now, the parent and the kid gets books. I like that. It says a lot about the family. It says that we do not just go out and have fun, we don’t need to watch TV to spend some time together. It says that we are learning together.


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