The book that will take me through to the next year…

… is ‘La’s Orchestra Saves the world’ by Alexander McCall Smith. I have decided to start the new year on a comfortable note. Words that soothe me, pages that rustle softly as I turn them, characters I get to know as well as I know myself, and the certain knowledge that this love is not […]

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The book I am reading currently, and some shocking news

First up, APOLOGY. For all those who haven’t got the book you so rightfully won, there’s been a delay with the courier, I promise you they will be with you soon :/ I hate delays myself so I know how angry you must be feeling. A thousand apologies. Second apology, I haven’t been updating the […]

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Reading is a thankless activity!

So you can tell that I am hurting from my latest read, a book of short stories. It is called The Best of Best Short Stories: 1985-1995, edited by Giles Gordon and David Hughes.  This is the first time in my reading experience that I have loved each of the stories in a compilation. There […]

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