The book that will take me through to the next year…

by Ahalya on December 31, 2009

By Alexander McCall Smith

By Alexander McCall Smith

… is ‘La’s Orchestra Saves the world’ by Alexander McCall Smith.
I have decided to start the new year on a comfortable note. Words that soothe me, pages that rustle softly as I turn them, characters I get to know as well as I know myself, and the certain knowledge that this love is not a weak feeling.
I went book shopping today (and yesterday) and picked up so many! 😀 I will be reviewing them all soon, and I hope to hear from you as well. Thanks to the Joy of Giving Week, during which I met several well-read readers, I found many authors I have grown to like.
Here’s to a good year, a fervent desire that the right words come to us easily when we want them the most, and a year filled with good books, as comfortable as a shaft of sunlight on the floor of a quiet library.
So, which book is taking you into the new year?

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