The next voice you hear

by Ahalya on July 31, 2012

Could be mine! Erica D’Souza, the very wise RJ on the Drive Mumbai show on Radio One, allows me to air my views once in a while, about all things literary! (And she has very interesting people on air on most days, you can find updates here.

Cool huh 🙂

Well, so this evening we talked about books about siblings. What with Rakhshabandhan coming up and all that. So my choice was Charlotte Wood’s Brothers and Sisters. A compilation of short stories written by new and well-known writers. Not all the stories are warm and fuzzy though, if you are looking for the warm and fuzzy type of sibling-gift book, I did find a Chicken Soup for the Soul book for brothers and sisters.

What I liked about Wood’s book was the introduction that simply reeled me in:

Your brother or sister, it might be said, is your other self – your grander, sadder, braver, shrewder, uglier, slenderer self … Your sibling is your most severe judge and your fiercest defender. You must always rescue them. They always abandon you … You recognise one another, this is your relief and your ruin. They are your duty. They stun you with the sudden presence and force of their goodness. They give you Christmas presents that show you are strangers. You are strangers. You love them; it cannot be explained why or how. 

So, what’s the best book you read about siblings?


P.S. By the way, the title of this post is taken from the captivating, unforgettable short story ‘The next voice you hear’ written by George Sumner Albee. It’s a spine-tingling kind of story, set in America in the 1940s. God takes over the radio for six days, and gives people some serious advice.

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