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by Ahalya on September 30, 2010

JGW-2010Two days ago, the painters arrived to transform my home from a dusty, lived-in apartment, to a sparkling shiny new home. Or at least that’s what I thought. They trooped in looked at the books that fill up every nook and cranny in my house and shook their head in disappointment. ‘Madam, yeh sab hatana hoga (all this has to be moved).’
Yes, I should’ve expected it. I shouldn’t have acted all aghast and upset when they started shoving all my books in sacks, and heaved them out of the way. So, I made them some tea, shooed them out of the way and started packing my books.
Like Silas Marner who would lovingly count all his coins at night, I look at my bookshelf just before I turn off the lights. I am proud of almost each book I purchased and sometimes I just stand and look at them. I know this sounds silly, or even pathetic. But, my books bring me joy. There’s two books that Alexander McCall Smith has signed. There’s the book I got with my first salary. There’s the book of poems that calm me down, there’s the book I am saving for my nephew.
They take up lots of space, they are not all good reads. But, almost each one of them knows me. Has read my thoughts, like I read their thoughts.
My question for you today: How many books do you have at home? 🙂 Or, Which book(s) are you waiting to buy soon?

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Vishal Devgon September 30, 2010 at 11:59 am

hmmmm tricky question here… never really thot about my books in term of numbers 🙂 but they definitely fill up 3 shelves of my book rack (which incidentally i made myself trying out my carpentry skills) probably there are 100+ books. And then there are books which are yet awaiting there turn to be opened and lived.
And there are some Terry Pratchett books i plan to buy next. Anyone’s listening. 🙂


Priyanka Borpujari September 30, 2010 at 1:46 pm

A dear friend of mine asks me aptly, “The only thing you want is everything, no?” And that reminds me that I still haven’t read all the books I have purchased. Some of them still lie hidden in my parents’ house, while I am waiting for a nice cane book shelf to embrace the books at my current residence. There would be easily 100 books in all, and I won’t tell you how many I have read :-/

So now, if anyone is listening, these are the books I so want – for now:
1. ‘Half The Sky’ by Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. This couple has earlier jointly won the Pulitzer for covering China before the Tiananmen Square episode. This book is about sex trade and gives the helpless reader real ways to help out. Here is a link about the book:

2. “Telling True Stories” by Mark Kramer and Wendy Call. It is by journalists, for journalists, so that they are better journalists and writers.


Sreeja September 30, 2010 at 2:08 pm

dont lie. at night, just before yiou sleep it isn’t the books you’re ur looking at. it’s motu! i know it because i do it with simba!


savio September 30, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Just books would be 100 or thereabouts. Including the graphic novels and comics, that count would go up to about 300 I think. Most book are unread and most graphic novels are read.
As to what i am looking for — the first ever superman, batman, spiderman, wolverine. Or at least the money to buy them off collectors 😀


kunal September 30, 2010 at 2:41 pm

how many…ummm…ummm…
well…something like 2000 i guess. given or take 200 😛
30-50 of which r not read. and a few hundred more than once.
which terr’ies r u planning on getting. there is a new one i saw in berlin. for only….gulp…12 euro :(…. so wil look at my lovely second hand chap next yr or so 😛
in the last 2 months,i read 6 books. 4 of which were wooooowie 🙂
wyrd sisters [t.p] a second [ or third time, i was on a long flight 😛 ]:)
all the trouble in the world by p.j.o rourke. a very very highly recommended book. of which i ll try and get as many copies out and distribute them to friends 🙂
my second wife [by one of my favorite authors ]- tony parsons 🙂
a isreli book called love life. by Zeruya Shalev. terrible.:(((
around ireland with a fridge was a funny,quirky and in some ways a charming book 🙂
cheers to all of u book lovers out there 🙂


Deepika Mital September 30, 2010 at 3:10 pm

My books have always been friends – cannot live without them, but now since there is no more space I cannot make new friends! There is a simple solution – give away [ 😉 ] some old ones – but that would be impossible! My childhood, friends, school life and then before marriage and post marriage existence and chronology – it is all threatened.
So now I am allowing my daughter to make friends…while i sit by and watch. Somedays I slip and do buy more, but that is rare. It is so much more important for her to make memories. Just the other day we were sorting through the baby books, but she couldnt bear to part with more than 4!!
Now I just wait for random signs on which book should I buy/read…it could be a book review, a friend’s mention or just seeing it on someones bookshelf. I have learnt to control the uncontrollable!!


Meethil September 30, 2010 at 9:02 pm


What a coincidence. I too, often, stand and stare at one of the two the large cupboards what serve me as my bookshelf. It a joyful experience – to just stand there and look at all the authors on spines look back at you. At the last count i have 1152 books. I added a few cartons last month and still have to add those to my collection.

Another co in the incident is the fact that i too had to shift my books out of my house when it was undergoing major renovation between Feb and July. I had to pack away all my books in cartons and move then to another location. Not having to look at my books for five months make me feel incomplete – more like bookless (like jobless).

I have ordered a lovely limited edition book from the UK which i am really waiting for.


Ahalya October 1, 2010 at 9:19 am

You have??!! Which one?


Ahalya October 1, 2010 at 9:20 am

My dear Savio you will be adding one more book to your burgeoning bookshelf 🙂
Will send you an email asking for your address. Keep visiting and writing.


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