For Businesses

Book Store Consultation
If you are a chain, or an independent bookstore, small, medium, or large, Literary Angels can help you improve the in-store customer experience, attract frequent customers, hard-core loyalists, and convert occasional customers into frequent buyers.
We understand the price and convenience challenge brick-and-mortar bookstores face when pitted against online stores. We help traditional bookstores attract more customers by offering consultations regarding every aspect of their business — from shelving, stocking, and creating the right ambience, to customer relation management, staff training, and how to use online tools to improve brand association and recall value.

Library Consultation
Whether you run a school or college library, or are in charge of stocking books in a corporate or institution library, we can help you by compiling the best reading list for your readers, and help you find the right distributor for books and magazines. We can also start up a blog for your library’s website, run interesting features about the books in your library and promote the reading habit.

Ghostwriting (Currently only for existing clients)
Got a great idea for a book but don’t have the time to put it all down? Need a book that encapsulates your brand’s journey from milestone to milestone? How about a unique well-crafted book that can be gifted to your most esteemed patrons and clients? We will interview you, read through your reference material and help you make a book. Call us to discuss the project.

Bespoke Publishing (Currently only for existing clients)
We do provide a customised book-making service for businesses and organisations. Customised books can make a great impression on patrons and clients.

For authors and publishers

Manuscript Editing (Currently only for existing clients)
Literary Angels offers individualised editing services to authors, literary agents, and publishing houses. Editing is all about improving the overall value and readability of the manuscript. We offer a thorough check of the entire manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and all those hazy grammatical rules regarding tenses, and plurals, and the correct use of semi-colons. We fix long-winded prose, cure clichés, and check for redundancy. We also highlight other problems in the text, to do with organisation of the material, loopholes in plot, characterisation, and as far as possible, factual accuracy. We do insist that the authors we work with first conduct a Plagiarism Check on the work before submitting it to us.

Manuscript Critique (Currently only for existing clients)
Literary Angels also offers a manuscript critiquing service, which is a comprehensive analysis of the pace, characterisation, plot, setting, style of writing, and other narrative elements of the text. We will give you recommendations, if any, for the improvement of the manuscript. Please note that the critique service does not include editing.

Cover Consultation (Currently only for existing clients)
Despite stern warnings, one does tend to judge the book by its cover. Studies indicate that three seconds is all it takes for a reader to decide whether a book looks appealing enough to deserve more attention. The right cover can make or break your book. We also help authors who wish to self-publish get better cover designs for their book.

Book Reviews (Currently only for existing clients)
If you are an author or publishing house and would like to get your book reviewed on our website, do read our book review policy and send us a copy of the book. Literary Angels offers newspapers, magazines, and websites regular book reviews as per its syndication policy. If you represent a newspaper, magazine, or website do get in touch to find out how we can fulfill your literary needs. If you would like regular book reviews, and other features regarding literary trends, authors, genre analysis, etc., do get in touch.

Bespoke Publishing (Currently only for existing clients)
We do provide a customised book-making service for authors, photographers, and artists.